Reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission


Commercial Office


Southeast Region, United States


HVAC system retrofit


Healthy employees. Healthy business.

For employees to comfortably return to working on site after the pandemic, they need to trust that their workplace is safe. A ripKurrent client faced this challenge in early 2021 and asked for our expertise in boosting staff confidence and reducing risks to their employees’ health.

Their 50,000 sq. ft. commercial office space occupies two stories. It’s a dynamic environment, and in a typical work day, as many as half of the company’s 100 employees work on-site while others streamed in and out of the offices.


Focusing on Indoor Air Quality

While the client had already implemented outdoor air ventilation and air cleaning systems, they were keenly aware that virus mitigation required additional measures. ripKurrent focused on further improving indoor air quality (IAQ) by making aggressive improvements to their existing HVAC system. Our recommended solution: the addition of needle point bi-polar ionization (NPBPI) devices to remove airborne pathogens. Installation was completed in one day, and the new system started delivering benefits immediately.

  1. Seven rooftop units (RTUs) were retrofitted with industry-leading NPBPI devices, which not only remove airborne pathogens but also reduce damaging build-up on the coils and interior mechanical elements, thus increasing the life of the units.
  2. IAQ sensors were added to each floor in common areas, enabling remote air quality monitoring.
  3. The facility is now also leveraging AI and IOT technologies for ongoing, real-time IAQ monitoring, which includes automatic alarm notifications of elevated contaminant levels and 24/7 support and resolution through the ripKurrent network operations center (NOC).

The ripKurrent IAQ Approach


The Return to a Better Normal

Knowing that the building’s HVAC system has been enhanced for virus mitigation has given employees an added measure of confidence in working on-site. As a bonus, the implemented ripKurrent solutions also effectively attack other pathogens, mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to asthma and common illnesses such as cold and flu, the leading causes of employee sick days. It’s an investment that will enhance employee health—and the financial health of the business—long after the pandemic has subsided. Bottom Line, you cant control something you can’t measure!

“It was important for our employees to know we had gone the extra mile to enhance indoor air quality. We are committed to their health and well-being.”

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