Your refrigeration system can consume 40-60% of your energy use. That’s why we have a special focus on research and development in advanced heat transfer and refrigeration technologies. We know how to reduce your energy costs, control your refrigeration and HVAC systems much more efficiently, and connect you to your store’s performance through cloud-based solutions that drive value and deliver the intelligence you need. We’ve done it. From low temp cases for frozen products to medium temp for refrigerated items, our CO2 systems provide the energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions your business needs.


Accelerated by online and digital technology, wholesale distribution is among the fastest growing industries. Operating within an increasingly dynamic environment, you feel the weight of unprecedented strategic challenges. Your facilities are very energy intensive and operate around the clock, making it critical to have systems that are efficient, resilient and accurate in their control of space conditions.

That’s why ripKurrent offers specialized expertise in the design and operation of an energy efficient distribution center. As a master systems integrator, our energy services and solutions include complete design-build capability for HVAC systems and cold storage systems, as well as the integration of smart lighting solutions, energy management systems and power management infrastructure. We’re here to help you build, operate and manage a profitable distribution portfolio by utilizing energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency as a strategy.


Chances are, your retail locations weren’t built at the same time, with identical equipment and cookie-cutter systems. And now, you’re challenged to get all those disparate systems — often spanning a large geographical area — under control. How do you get the best performance and energy savings from a vast array of system types, hardware and software? ripKurrent’s expertise as a master systems integrator will help you identify and leverage operational efficiencies across your systems. We have the resources and experience to access and analyze critical data, then take the appropriate action to drive down energy costs and improve systems reliability and control.

For companies tackling a national rollout, ripKurrent brings considerable design-build experience and expertise to new construction as well as retrofits. We’ll help you develop common design criteria that result in reduced cost and faster construction.

Our services for the retail sector go well beyond integration and turnkey design-build services. We also offer additional consulting and construction services that include facility energy audits, MEP engineering services, project development and management, and even financing if needed.


Few events have rocked the commercial building market as much as the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though your rental revenues have likely plummeted, you’re still responsible for the health, safety and comfort of the tenants who remain. And while a post-pandemic world now seems on the near horizon, your tenants need to be confident that your indoor environment is healthy, and that you’re taking steps to combat current and future threats.

We can help you deploy needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI), one effective measure against airborne contaminants including viruses, bacteria, mildew, pollen, dust mites and mold. As a component of your heating and cooling system, NPBI releases positive and negative ions that aggregate microscopic contaminants into clumps large enough to be filtered, while killing pathogens by depriving them of hydrogen.

With ripKurrent’s proven experience with technology and system design, you’ll have a pathway to a healthier and more efficient facility. We bring engineering, integration and systems expertise under one roof to help you maximize your NOI while reducing your operating expenses. Our forensic view of utility savings ensures that we’re investigating every possible area for savings, including electric, water, natural gas and even commonly overlooked building envelope items.

Ultimately, we’re committed to delivering 30-50% energy savings through a measure, monitor and control approach that empowers you to use energy efficiency as a competitive strategy.


You rely on continuous, energy-efficient operations that provide maximum comfort for your guests, occupants and staff. We understand these challenges and are uniquely qualified to design and deliver state-of-the-art design-build HVAC and climate-controlled solutions for hotels, resorts, theme parks and rec centers that save 30-50% over conventional systems.

We do this through the use of advanced 3D design technologies and eKologi, our comprehensive AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) platform. As your master systems integrator, ripKurrent brings together a team of engineers, technicians and product specialists who are informed by the latest in AI/ML technology, ensuring a smooth project that delivers data-proven, next-level performance.


With the baby boomer generation downsizing as they approach retirement, there’s an increasing need for efficient, functional living spaces. For this growing segment and others within the multifamily sector, ripKurrent delivers end-to-end solutions that help drive down construction costs, increase efficiencies and even free up space in each unit, resulting in more comfort for your tenants and homeowners.

We achieve this through a combination of an extensive contractor network and our direct technology relationships, enabling ripKurrent to deliver end-to-end solutions that help you to drive down construction costs, provide the most efficient living units possible for the tenants or owners, and maximize rental space.


Ever expanding and developing, the healthcare industry is often on the forefront of new technologies, making a partnership with ripKurrent an ideal fit. Our HVAC, refrigeration and digital solutions suit a wide variety of medical applications, including skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, medical office buildings, surgery centers, and more.  We focus on technologies such as semi-custom and custom air handling equipment, variable refrigerant flow systems, custom chilled water systems, and environmental control systems, all of which drive efficiency.

Additionally, we utilize bipolar ionization technology, which has been proven to significantly reduce airborne pathogens, bacteria and other organisms associated with MRSA and staph infections within medical facilities. With our advanced HVAC/refrigeration solutions, combined with our state-of-the-art energy management and temperature control systems, ripKurrent can deliver customized solutions for the diverse facilities and wide applications within the healthcare sector.


You are focused on uptime, efficiency and reliability as critical to your industrial and/or manufacturing environment(s). ripKurrent has expertise in a wide swath of this sector, including food manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, utility power plants and light assembly facilities.  We can deliver turnkey HVAC, process cooling/heating, energy management and power management solutions with single source accountability.

As a master systems integrator, ripKurrent can ensure unity in design and a performance driven solution that meets and/or exceeds stated energy efficiency and operational savings goals.  No matter how harsh the environment, or critical the process, ripKurrent is ready to assist on your next process cooling or heating project.


Few industries can match the growth and expansion of cannabis. And to thrive, you have an increasing need for energy and precise climate control and indoor air quality (IAQ) expertise within this industry.

We understand the natural growth cycles of cannabis and have specific expertise in maintaining proper IAQ and humidity levels that ensure the maximum quality product for our clients.  As a master systems integrator, we ensure your grow facility is fully integrated at the highest level — with lighting, ventilation, climate control and fertigation systems all working in sync to achieve the highest yield at the lowest possible energy and water consumption.