Commissioning Services

A facility is just like the car you drive; it requires periodic tuning, maintenance, and attention to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. Instead, we consistently find that facilities rarely get the necessary attention they need beyond basic maintenance procedures. In terms of new construction, we find that in some cases just months after a facility is complete and occupied it is using more energy than it did when initially installed. At ripKurrent, we understand that commissioning is a process that begins early in design development and is done throughout a facility’s entire life cycle. Commissioning helps to ensure that the owner is receiving the proper benefit from their investment, that systems are designed and installed per code, and that facility managers and engineers are equipped with the correct documentation and tools needed to operate the facility efficiently and safely. We utilize customized processes for various stages or situations to include New Construction Commissioning for new facilities, Retro-Commissioning for pre-installed systems, Ongoing Commissioning to maintain performance levels, and Continuous Commissioning that utilizes various data streams to monitor a facility’s performance and efficiency levels in real time. ripKurrent commissioning agents ensure that the owner achieves the desired ROI by analyzing and optimizing energy consumption, reducing maintenance cost, streamlining the construction process, and holding all parties accountable in the delivery of the various systems.