The healthcare sector is a very broad sector that is always expanding and developing, and is often a hotbed for producing cutting-edge technologies that are ahead of current technologies.  At ripKurrent, our applied HVAC, refrigeration and digital solutions are applicable to a wide variety of medical applications, including skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, medical office buildings, surgery centers, and more.  We focus on technologies such as semi-custom and custom air handling equipment, variable refrigerant flow systems, custom chilled water systems, and environmental control systems, all of which drive efficiency.  In addition to this, we also utilize bi-polar ionization technology that has been proven to significantly reduce airborne pathogens, bacteria, and other organisms that cause major problems such as MRSA and Staph infections within medical facilities.  With our advanced HVAC/refrigeration solutions, combined with our state-of-the-art energy management and temperature control systems, ripKurrent can deliver customized solutions for the vast healthcare market in a wide variety of applications and facilities.