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Hames Corporation is the parent company of Sea Mart and Market Center, two grocery stores in Sitka, Alaska. Family-owned for nearly 70 years, the stores are known for their exceptional selection, great service and high-quality foods.

Driven by their commitment to excellence, Hames Corporation wished to upgrade their stores’ lighting with the latest in energy-efficient LED fixtures.

When deciding who should plan and execute the project, Hames Corporation considered not only a provider’s expertise and innovation, but also their experience in the grocery vertical. With our “total package” approach to lighting, HVAC and cold chain, ripKurrent proved to be their logical choice.


True Colors with Less Energy

Grocery shopping is a visual experience, and a bright, inviting atmosphere helps grocers effectively market their vast selection of groceries and sundries. In addition to brightening their stores, Hames Corporation sought to reduce maintenance costs and save energy.

Keeping these goals in mind, ripKurrent recommended low wattage, high lumen, commercial LED retrofit solutions that ensure strong vertical light levels over every gondola on the sales floors.

Our implementation included lighting with exceptional color rendering. This means more colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers, redder meats and more appetizing breads.

Finally, to optimize the performance of the stores’ lighting systems, we added a Schneider SmartStruxure Solution. Not only does it control lights in low occupancy areas, it also regulates the HVAC system and kitchen hood to increase energy savings.

Numbers Tell the Story


The final result?

An appealing, energy-efficient shopping environment in both stores that increases the company’s ROI while significantly lowering their carbon footprint.

“ripKurrent turned out to be our ‘go to’ company. We found the team to be professional and transparent with project costs. They provided projected calculations of ROIs and managed the project beautifully. The project team was sensitive to our day-to-day operational needs. This all led to a project that exceeded our expectations, and we’re very happy with it.”
—Max Rule, CPA, President/CFO, Hames Corporation

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