Optimize IAQ differently for each tenant


Multi-tenant facility focused on personal aesthetics and wellness


Climate complexity, energy intensity


Low-noise, high efficiency


Creating Tranquility for Personal Care

Providing relaxing, tranquil experiences is an important part of the promise that this owner makes to the tenants of this state of the art personal care and wellness facility. Our client offers small rentable spaces to 25 – 30 tenants working in various aspects of personal care: hair and nail salons, professional massage, and day spas. These services generate extreme challenges around temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality and sound which vary a great deal making the spaces a challenge to control. Additionally, these spaces are very energy intensive and consume on average 20-30% more than an average retail space per sq/ft. Giving tenants the ability to manage their individual environments is crucial to providing a comfortable customer experience.


Customizing Micro-environments

ripKurrent provided a turnkey solution including MEP design and implementation, featuring a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system.

  1. VRF zoning allows each tenant to manage their own system scheduling and setpoints.
  2. Ductless system produces very low noise.
  3. Ionization eliminates harmful VOCs.
  4. Ventilation is processed through a dedicated outside air system in order to control to acceptable indoor humidity levels.
  5. System heat recovery redirects the building’s heat energy that would normally be rejected for use in other spaces that are requiring heat.

Additionally, ripKurrent helped this customer obtain utility rebates to help offset the cost of the system design and installation. The web-based platform provided by ripKurrent provides the user with an intuitive user experience that gives the owner 24/7 remote system monitoring and oversight.

ripKurrent Provides Measurable Results


A Premium Environment with Superior Efficiency

Highly individualized climate control is a competitive differentiator that allows the building owner to offer premium rental suites and eliminates the frustration (and cost) of constant tenant comfort calls.

Even better: the facility operates at a much higher level of energy efficiency than similar buildings in the owner’s portfolio.

“VRF allows us to provide a branded building environment that adapts to each tenant. It has slashed the energy intensity of our HVAC systems, too.”

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