Typical “Analytics”

Structured data.
Unstructured data.
Interval data.
Change of value data.

Your building systems deliver data in a variety of forms and formats that can be clunky and time-consuming to manually gather and organize. Yet, buried in all that data are insights that can lead you to new ways to save energy and improve operations.

What you need is a tool capable of sorting and quickly categorizing the data into usable formats.

That’s where eKologi from ripKurrent really shines.

Our platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate data extraction and tagging of unstructured building data using the open standard, Haystack. With your data now in a common format, eKologi conducts analytics for smart buildings, including energy avoidance, fault diagnostics and predictive analytics. And with natural language protocol (NLP) built into eKologi, you can order queries and make other commands verbally, just by speaking into your phone.

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Other Common Challenges

Limited staff

Projects too big for your resources

Ever increasing energy costs