Need upgrades and modernizations but just can’t secure the capital to fund those projects? ripKurrent’s Energy Savings as a Service offering can be the solution you need. Here’s how it works.


Your company signs an energy service agreement (ESA) with ripKurrent.


We finance the cost of the projects, covering our engineering fees, preventive maintenance, and service fees, and you pay no out of pocket.


Instead, we’re compensated with the savings realized by the improvements we’ve implemented.

Essentially, the burden to provide savings is entirely on us, and it’s a challenge we’re ready to accept.

So if the capital needed for your energy improvements is beyond your current capabilities or investment criteria, contact us. Let us show you how our Energy Savings as a Service program can get your company the improvements you need without a traditional loan from the bank.

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Other Common Challenges

Limited staff

Ever increasing energy costs

Too much data, not enough insight