Today, you can count on two things:

Energy costs are not likely to decrease in the future. And, no matter their size, location, type or purpose, the systems within your buildings’ environment are inextricably related.

Making matters even more complicated, their interactions and interdependencies are increasing as they become more connected through smart devices and the internet of things (IoT).

Faced with this growing complexity, you’ll have questions as you consider better ways to conserve energy:

“Where do I start?”
“What do I measure?”
“How much will it cost?”
“What’s my ROI?”

ripKurrent will answer all these questions and more, and put you on a path toward a lower energy spend, increased system reliability and improved EBITDA for your company.

Our advanced technology solutions, such as 3D modeling and artificial intelligence, enable us to use scientific methods to understand your energy issues. Additionally, we have trained, licensed and highly experienced engineers who understand how to address energy usage in all kinds of facilities.

As a master systems integrator, ripKurrent holds an interdisciplinary perspective that encompasses mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural sciences.

We combine systems engineering, facility management best practices and intelligent technology that enable systems to learn, react and optimize independently. With a forensic approach that begins with energy auditing and modeling, we’ll set up methods to measure, monitor and control energy, reducing your costs by 30-50%. To get started, just contact us.

Let's get started!

Other Common Challenges

Limited staff

Projects too big for your resources

Too much data, not enough insight