Our Approach

A New Era

Business Model

Our broad expertise across the full range of building systems enables us to maximize integration, typically resulting in energy savings of 30-50%.


We bring solutions directly to you, avoiding the bloated hierarchy of architects, builders, project managers, etc.


We get the most out of all your systems by optimizing the relationships between them.


Our advanced technology often reveals hidden opportunities for lower costs and improved performance.


Because we’re committed to providing you with the best solution every time, we’re not exclusive with any manufacturer.


Unlike project-based suppliers, we’re here for the long haul, helping you make continual improvements to maximize your profitability over time.

Systems Expertise

Precise Climate Control

When you consider climate control as just one aspect of integrated building systems, your choices can be much more strategic. For example, a customer asked for a proposal to replace their buildings’ 25-ton rooftop units with new ones of the same size. But we realized that other components within their building systems had changed in recent years. This customer had replaced their lighting with LED lights, reducing the heat load by 25%. They no longer needed such big, expensive units. Oversized units can cause indoor air quality problems and humidity issues, in addition to increased maintenance due to short cycling of the equipment.  We owe it to our clients to first educate them on fundamentals of climate control and ensure they understand the capabilities of the systems we provide.

This is just one example of the benefits of our master systems integrator approach. We’re not a distributor or a rep firm. We provide true, independent, end-to-end HVAC solutions from design to completion, and beyond. Whether your immediate issues involve a custom air handling unit, water chiller, direct expansion split system, or a packaged rooftop system, we’ll make sure the climate control solutions we recommend and implement provide optimal performance within your integrated building systems.

Energy Management Systems

What does an optimal EMS implementation look like? Decreased energy consumption. Improved plant conditions. Integrated redundancy. Reduced waste. As a master systems integrator, we access and optimize every aspect of your EMS in a collaborative process that can result in all these benefits and more.

We begin by bringing owners, vendors and contractors together to observe your current situation and learn about past issues. Then together, we discuss and agree upon desired functionality and interfaces. This foundational information and input from stakeholders informs how we design the system. As an owner, you’re involved from the beginning, and your feedback is heard throughout the process.

Once implemented, your EMS harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help you work more efficiently and accurately. For example, an EMS delivers a massive amount of data and multiple data points in unstructured form, with no consistent naming or tagging convention. This data needs to be normalized into a common format and sorted by point type and value. ripKurrent leverages AI in our EMS designs to speed up this task significantly, enabling quicker issue identification and resolution.

As visual indicators of your EMS data, dashboards are critical, but analytics need to be dynamic and accessible from key members of your team — from administrators to finance directors to engineering. We employ AI and natural language processing (NLP) to enable your team to query information from the system with a simple verbal command into their phone.

Lighting Solutions

When you think of your buildings’ lights, your main goal is most likely to reduce your energy spend around them. But that’s just one of the benefits of optimizing your lighting system. ripKurrent’s approach to lighting projects always serves dual roles: save energy, but also enhance lighting levels to increase productivity and comfort for the people who live and work in your buildings.

Advanced controls such as real-time location services (RTLS) integrated with lighting can help reduce demand and consumption throughout the year. We’ll also work with your utility to secure an incentive rebate when you optimize your lighting system.

Process Cooling Solutions

Because your cooling system is critical to your operations and profitability, you can’t just simply cycle it like a typical heating and cooling system — many systems need at least 12 hours to come back online. That’s a lot of lost production time when you’re moving several tons of product an hour.

That’s why we’re meticulous with the design and implementation of process cooling systems. We listen to you and your engineers and understand how your system works, conducting field verification and measurements as well. Then we build reliability and redundancy into the design of your new system, ensuring the least interruption to your process.

Refrigeration Systems

It’s important to take a holistic view of refrigerant choices and not simply look at the lowest cost on the front end, especially when your needs are unique.

Imagine operating in Alaska, for example, where one of our customers is located. There, energy costs twice as much as in the lower 48 states. Materials, supplies and services are difficult to find. And compressors sometimes need to be delivered by barge and air freight.

So when we designed a new natural refrigerant system for them, we made sure it would deliver 30-40% energy savings. We also built in layers of redundancy in their R-290 water-cooled, self-contained system, so that if one rack fails, the rest of the system continues to operate. It’s also highly flexible, with controls that enable a customer to easily change a case for frozen foods into a medium temp case for cold drinks or meat.

CO2 is another good choice in a natural refrigerant. It’s 100% natural, inexpensive and 12 times more economical than major HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) synthetic refrigerants on the market today. And its effect on the climate? 1,500 to 4,000 times less than that of synthetic refrigerants.

Regardless of what type of system is right for you, ripKurrent provides 24/7 monitoring services so that problems can be immediately addressed.  Plus, with our advance fault detection capabilities — made possible through our artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) platform — we can identify failures before they actually occur.

As you’ll discover, we’re not just here to sell you a project, but to develop a partnership and protect your investment over the long term.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Nothing has brought more change and focus to indoor air quality (IAQ) management than the COVID-19 pandemic.  Business leaders understand that it’s essential to keep their frontline workers safe and healthy, demonstrating respect for their wellbeing.  They’re implementing pandemic-related improvements to their ventilation systems, not only improving safety but also serving as a differentiator from competitors.

But at what cost? Will improving your IAQ to meet standards from the CDC, WHO and ASHRAE mean spending significantly more on energy? Not necessarily.

We’ve found that 90% of systems currently in place use 40-50% more energy than they should. As a master systems integrator, we take a holistic approach on IAQ projects, looking forensically at system performance and making sure all facets are operating correctly. Then we apply pandemic-related improvements strategically.

For example, although ASHRAE recommends enhanced filtration such as HEPA, this shouldn’t be done without analyzing whether your equipment can handle the additional pressure drop. Enhanced filtration restricts airflow, which can cause humidity issues and exacerbate ventilation issues. So we would evaluate your existing system, measure performance and then deploy technologies and strategies that minimize energy impact while providing a healthier environment.

Bipolar ionization is another potential strategy you can use to address IAQ during the pandemic. Properly deployed, it’s documented to kill the COVID-19 virus without requiring increased ventilation rates, filtration or additional equipment to your HVAC system.

Every business would like to return to normal. Count on the ripKurrent team to help you identify and implement the most effective ways to manage IAQ — now and through the end of the pandemic.


  • Observe your operations
  • Note condition of existing equipment
  • Interview staff and employees
Data Analysis
  • Conduct energy audit, analysis and benchmarking
  • Perform lifecycle evaluation
  • Analyze capital needs and ROI
  • Develop list of energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Perform engineering studies for select ECMs
  • Conduct energy modeling of systems
  • Collect key performance indicators ( KPI’s)
  • Review future capital needs and plans
  • Design-build integrated systems for maximum operational efficiencies
  • EMS implementation and commissioning
Measurement & Verification
  • AI-enabled data analytics
  • Data accessible through natural language processing
Continuous Optimization
  • 24/7 monitoring for immediate issue resolution
  • Advance fault detection driven by ML/AI

eKologi from ripKurrent

Just as ecology is the study of the relationships between organisms, eKologi from ripKurrent analyzes the collective impact of various systems on site performance, enabling unparalleled operational efficiencies.

eKologi harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide knowledge you couldn’t otherwise acquire on your own. With eKologi, you’ll be able to:

  • Optimize and integrate as much of your existing infrastructure as possible, regardless of manufacturer
  • Analyze data from HVAC and refrigeration automation systems, utility metering systems and smart devices to identify faults, deviations, patterns and issues
  • Respond quickly and knowledgably when problems arise
  • Prioritize operational, maintenance and energy issues
  • Find hidden costs and inefficiencies
  • Automate fault diagnostics so you can take corrective action before a reoccurrence

How it works

eKologi is a cloud-based application. You simply upload your data in .csv format into eKologi’s environment, and it begins analyzing. eKologi includes:


eKologi Platform

A smart platform that integrates legacy lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems, enabling you to automate data gathering and meta tagging of unstructured data. You’ll see fewer errors and less human effort involved in data extraction and integration.

eKologi Analytics

AI-driven analytics for HVAC and refrigeration systems, as well as machine learning for BAS/EMS insights and solutions. You’ll benefit immediately with a prioritized list of cost-benefit implementation and other actionable recommendations.

eKologi Chatbot

eKologi uses natural language protocol, which means you won’t have to work with a bank of computer screens to pull the information you need. eKologi’s chatbot understands human language. Just speak into your device to order an online query of your building automation system (BAS, EMS, CMMS, IoT, etc.).

Request a free proof-of-concept

If you’d like to see a demonstration of eKologi’s capabilities using your own data, simply complete the form below. We’ll contact you to set up your eKologi analysis at no charge.

Free Data Analysis


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